Senior management consultants with extensive policing and security expertise in both the public and private sectors assess your risks, identify potential liability, and develop strategies for a safe, secure, and customer-focused environment.

By engaging Policing & Security Management Services Inc., an independent and fully insured management consulting firm, you will be exercising due diligence by ensuring your life safety and security services meet or exceed best practices, industry standards, and current legislation, especially where services are provided in public or high risk areas.

Sectors we have or currently serve – federal, provincial, and municipal government agencies, port and transit authorities, health care, public health units, universities, school boards, mining industry, financial institutions, manufacturing, property management corporations, shopping centres, group homes, detention holding centres, in-house security departments, special constable services, and law firms. We respect client confidentiality and privacy. References are gladly provided upon request.

Areas of Practice:

  • Quality assurance audits and reviews
  • Threat, vulnerability, and risk assessments
  • Physical security surveys, security systems, security plans
  • Due diligence reviews and mitigation strategies
  • Security policies and procedures, corporate manuals
  • Workplace violence and harassment programs, office security
  • Conflict management training, intervention protocols, use of force standards
  • Legislative reviews, legal authority and limitations, regulatory compliance, privacy issues
  • Litigation case-management support and expert witness testimony
  • Marketing, branding, promoting your security or public safety organization
  • Film industry authentication services